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Arif Alikhan Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Mohammed Elibiary Homeland Security Adviser Rashad Hussain Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference(OIC)

Salam al-Marayati Obama Adviser and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council and is its current executive director

Imam Mohamed Magid- Obama's Sharia Czar from the Islamic Society of North America

Eboo Patel- Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood  Partnerships 




UNDER OBAMA'S DIRECT CONTROL? Insight into why Obama appears to be purging

the US military. When I asked my colleague, an Army Colonel, why he thinks

Obama is doing this, the reply I received from this life-long soldier and Army leader

shocked me. Paraphrasing him, this is what he told me in a nutshell: He said, most

branches of the service routinely engage in war “games” and come up with strategies

and tactics on how to handle every type of military conflict and scenario that can be

imagined. One of the big new battle scenarios being actively discussed in the military

recently is how to handle civil unrest in the U.S., and fighting in the streets. What will the

Army do if called in to fight armed civilians in the streets of the United States? How will

urban warfare be conducted? Will troops be able to fire upon other American citizens

when the troops take an oath to protect American citizens? He said many in the military

are discussing the very real possibility that Obama will attempt to stay in office beyond

two terms. It is being speculated that Obama will do this by declaring a state of martial

law. The easiest way to declare martial law is when there is massive civil unrest and

riots throughout the U.S. Thus, it is believed that Obama, and his regime, will

intentionally create a situation of massive civil unrest. Some believe he has already

started to implement that strategy by forcing Obamacare on everyone (when the

populace did not ask for it and less than 300 people in power voted for it). Perhaps the

Obama Administration is not too concerned over the totally dysfunctional Obamacare

website and the additional fact that millions will be dropped from their existing

insurance policies which they already had and liked. The Obama Administration may

not care if getting health care becomes more difficult and more expensive because it is

all leading toward civil unrest. It is believed by some that Obamacare will only get

worse and worse, and then in 2 to 3 years when people have a very difficult time getting

medical treatment for themselves or their loved ones, people will get enraged.

Moreover, it is being speculated that around the same time when the frustration levels

over Obamacare are hitting a critical point in 2 to 3 years, there will be a “glitch” in the

welfare payment (or EBT) payment system. The tens of millions who rely on EBT

handouts to sustain themselves will be cut off. The overwhelming majority of the EBT

recipients are Black. The Obama regime will then blame the “glitch” on the

Republicans, i.e., Republicans froze government spending which “forced” Obama to

suspension of EBT payments. (Obama will intentionally drive spending up and up

uncontrolled knowing full well that one day the Republicans will be backed into a corner

and finally vote for a freeze in spending.) Obama will create heightened racial tension

by telling everyone that the White Republicans are racially motivated and did this to hurt

the Black community. This manufactured racial tension, combined with growing

tensions over the then-collapsing medical coverage due to Obamacare, will result in

race wars and civil unrest. People will take to the streets. By the way, you should know

that my colleague, the Army Colonel who is telling me all this, is Black. He specifically

commented, and outwardly expressed his embarrassment, about how Blacks have

become so dependent and enslaved by the welfare system and the Democrats that it

would be very easy to create civil unrest and race wars merely by cutting off, or

dramatically hindering, EBT payments for only a month or so. He believes that most

Blacks, who have a misguided sense of entitlement, will then take to looting stores and

rioting. Once the race wars, civil unrest, and violence becomes pervasive throughout

the U.S., Obama will declare martial law and take over. Elections can, and will, be

postponed under martial law. My colleague noted that this possibility is clearly being

analyzed and discussed inside the military because such a martial law strategy is

nothing new. Tyrannical and dictatorial leaders in the past have done the martial law

strategy many times. He noted that dictators such as Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler did

basically the identical thing. He went on to say that one of the most recent examples of

this strategy was whenMarcos declared martial law in the Philippines from 1972-1981

due to civil unrest. The Philippines had democratic elections up until that time. When

martial law was declared, the Philippine constitution was suspended, its Congress

dissolved, all elections were suspended, and Marcos remained in power for years

beyond his elected term. The alleged “terrorist bombings” that occurred in the

Philippines, which lead to Marcos declaring martial law, have always been questioned

and never proven to be the acts of actual terrorists. He concluded by saying that many

believe this is the real reason behind the purgings of military generals. The older

members of the military, and especially its generals and leaders, tend to be more

conservative and they believe in the Constitution—and following the Constitution. Thus,

a tyrant and dictator needs to get rid of these military leaders before a state of martial

law is declared if the rising dictator wants the military to follow along and do what the

dictator says. Due to the loss of many experienced military leaders the past few years,

the military is now being run and guided more and more by younger, inexperienced

leaders. The type who won’t really know what to do if martial law was declared.

Moreover, he noted that there is a growing mindset throughout the military now that

every soldier needs to keep quiet and just follow along with what Obama says and

wants to do or you will be fired and your military career ruined. Again, I was told this is

nothing new since removing strong military leaders in advance of declaring martial law

is a historically-proven element of a rising tyrant and dictator. MORE DETAILS.... I think

the total in the last five years is 127 fired or released!!!!!! Communism at work. There

are many more sources on the internet, just google 9 commanding officers fired –

many sites talk about this. PS – You WILL NOT find this on snopes – they LOVE

obummer. The Obama administration, which has fired no one over scandals such as

its Fast and Furious Mexican gun-running operation, its criminal negligence in the

terrorist attack on our Benghazi diplomatic mission, or the use of the IRS to target and

intimidate political foes, seems to have a curious obsession lately about ethics and

competence in the U.S. military. This strange chain of firings from the Military is so

bizarre and so unheard of that evenDianne Sawyer of ABC news reached out to cover it

when the 9th, yes 9th, Military Commanding Officer was relieved of duty in less than a

year. This doesn’t include the long list last year, this is just the nine individuals this year



ONE General Carter Hamm, United States Army-Served as head of the United

States African Command. Was in charge of the US African command during the fateful

night of September 11, 2012 when the lives of four American citizens was taken in the

Embassy in Benghazi . Hamm was extremely critical of our Commander and Chief and

stated he lied about not having reinforcements in the area on that night. Hamm

“resigned and retired” on April of 2013.



TWO Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette/ United

States Navy-Commander of Carrier Strike Group Three. His most recent activity served

as Deputy Commander of the US Naval Forces, US Central Command. He was in

charge of Air Craft Carriers in the Mediterranean Sea the night of September 11, 2012.

He testified before the hearing committee and said that there may not have been time

to get the flight crews there but left the door open on if told when the events took place if

that he could have had the aircraft launched upon cross-examination by Rep. Tray

Gowdey. Recently fired from the Administrative post and relieved of Duty by the Obama

Administration for “utterance of a racial slur”.



THREE Major General Ralph Baker,

United States Army- Major General Baker served as the Commander of the Joint Task

Force-Horn at Camp Lamar , Djibouti , Africa . Was also involved in some aspect with

the incident September 11, 2012, being under the African Command. Had said he

believed attack helicopters could have made it in time. Relieved of command and fired

for groping a civilian (no assault charges or sexual misconduct charges filed with JAG)



FOUR Brigadier General Bryan Roberts, United States Army-General Roberts took

command of Fort Jackson in 2011. Was considered a rising star in his field. He served

in Iraq during his service as the Commanding Officer of the 2nd Brigade Combat

Team, and was the Deputy Commanding General of the United States Army Recruiting

Command, Fort Knox , KY. Relieved of Duty and Fired for Adultery. While this is still on

the books in the United States Code of Military Justice, it has rarely been used since

President Bill Clinton’s indiscretions.



FIVE Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant, United

States Marine Corps-Director of Strategic Planning and Policy of for the United States

Pacific Command and Commander of the aviation wing at Camp Bastion , Afghanistan

. Highly decorated soldier with two Naval and Marine Commendations and two Naval

and Marine Good Conduct medals. He also has an Air Medal with a gold star. He

served honorably and distinctively. He had asked about supplies to his command. He

was one of two commanding officers suddenly relieved of command and fired from the

military for failure of proper force protection.



SIX Major General Charles M.M. Gurganus,

United States Marine Corps- Regional Commander in the Southwest and I Marine

Expeditionary Force (a forward or frontal division) in Afghanistan. Also Highly decorated

with a Defense Superior Service Medal, two Legion of Merritt w/Valor, and three

Meritorious Service Commendations. Major General C.M.M.Gurganus had questioned

the use of Afghanistan patrols along side American patrols after two officers were

executed at their desk and a platoon was lead into an ambush on the front lines. Was

the other commander relieved of duty for failure of proper force protection.




Lieutenant General David Holmes Huntoon Jr, United States Army-Served as the 58th

Superintendent of the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. He had

graduated from the same academy in 1973 and had served in Senior Planning and

Education Services through the majority of his career. He was “censored” for “an

investigation” into an “improper relationship” according to The Department of Defense.

Nothing was released to the nature of the improper relationship. Nothing was even

mentioned if an actual investigation even took place.



EIGHT Vice Admiral Tim Giardina,

United States Navy-Deputy Commander of the United States Strategic Command.

Commander of the Submarine Group Trident, Submarine Group 9 and Submarine

Group 10, where every single one of the 18 Nuclear Submarines with Nuclear Trident

Missiles of those three groups were in his command. This commander earned six

Legions of Merit, Two Meritorious Service Medals, two Joint Service Commendation

Medals, and several other medals, ribbons and decorations in his illustrious career.

He was removed from service and fired from the military for the charge of using

counterfeit poker chips (not making that up).



NINE Last on the list, Major General

Michael Carry, United States Air Force-Commander 20th Air Force in charge of 9,600

people and 450 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) at three operational wings

and served in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He was

Fired October 11, 2013, for “Personal Misbehavior” is what was told to ABC News. He

and Giardina were both the two top Commanders over the United States Nuclear

Arsenal before their dismissal within 48 hours of each other. As ABC News reports,

this is an extremely alarming rate and one of the biggest and fastest purges of military

personnel ever recorded. It apparently is such a shock at the rate even for a long time

veteran of reporting the news as Dianne Sawyer, because at one point she gets heated

saying two Commanders of the Nuclear Command. You don’t put people who are not

very intelligent and without a squeaky clean record over that area of the Military. It is

enough to make the hardest and staunchest of supporters as the ABC news crew to

pause and ask themselves,“what step is he planning?” Does it ever occur to anyone

that this may be yet another step in the Dismantling of All of America.


Muslim Brotherhood Network

Muslim Chaplains in U.S. Military