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Roxford Group LLC. Is a newly founded Marketing Firm with its main focus to produce mass awareness of a certain product, service or anything worth the hype. We have exhausted and tested every media outlet including TV, Radio and Websites which found to be financially painful. Advertising using Facebook, Google, and other major sites offer advertisement at a very expensive rate which can be challenging for a small business or entity. Radio advertising because of online streaming music has been locked to using its channel of communication as the only source of revenue. Stations have now switched its operating costs to the advertisers as oppose to its legendary listeners. It’s been almost impossible for a small business or other business entity to partner with TV Broadcasters.

Roxford Group LLC. A marketing system comprised of software tools and a professional staff have established links between your product and a specific target audience to gain awareness of a product at a very low rate. We follow all spam laws and gain access to free information already available on the web. For more info Contact Us We have developed a simple process at a very low rate.




Direct Email Advertisement Program